Anonym fragte: Omfg you have a great nose *ogles Erwin cosplay* so good.

Oh, thank you very much, anon. My Nose really appreciate this. But don´t say this too loud, because the eyebrows will get very jealou……..well shit.

eneko-wweh fragte: Suzuuuuu. I absolutely ADORE your Horuss. I am a Horuss cosplayer myself and I really want to make a canon shirt for him. I saw the previous ask where you explained that you modified a pattern to make the shirt... but I wanted to know which MATERIALS you used, specifically. What kind of cloth did you use for the shirt, and for the bracers?

Oh heey, thank you very very much! ;3; I´m very joyful, that you like my Horuss cos’ and that you are also a Horuss! (and a very cute one :3)

But let me think. It´s very difficult for me to name the fabrics of my shirt, because I don´t know the names. But I will try.

The dark brown fabric should be normal cotton. I tried to find a more colder brown than a warm brown tone. For the front with all the buttons, well, this was a bit more tricky. All in all as a Horuss you look very brownish and what I try to say is: You should be very careful, which fabric you use for the front and the half-arm things, because the dominance of the rest very strong horsy brown fabric will take over every other material.

I urge the dark brown in a more colder tone with using grey cotton for the front and arms. But it´s a grey with a little bit beige in it, so it´s different from the rest but also corresponding. And the dark brown will do the rest.

For the Forearms… I wasn´t sure if I should use normal black or more leathery fabric. I took the second one because of reasons. But I really don´t know how to name this. It´s smooth and stretchy, which is very nice to touch and helpfull to fit in, because I sewed the forearms really tight. But It´s more a fabric than leather. Maybe Lycra (leather Lycra)? If I only knew.

Maybe ask google for this kind of fabric, I´m sure something useful will appear (I really hope so!).

So I hope this will help you a little bit. .,.


hello this is boat,
the toilet of our house, to Mortis and me, are broken. Mortis is sleeping all the day and all my money is going to the rent, so I can’t pay a plumber to fix it. So I forced him to build a little web-shop to sell some Off-related stuff. Thank you ! Have a good day
PS : This is boat writing, not Mortis at all

Mortis Ghost Sad Store


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